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Shopping Center UTO Inaugurates Its Renewal

2011.4.14 update

Shopping Center UTO

Located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu the Shopping Center UTO (SC UTO) is set to unveil its renewal on upcoming Thursday April 21st.


Since 1995, the operation of the UTO mall had centered around the GMS (General Merchandise Store) zone and the shopping mall zone. However, due to a sudden notice of withdrawal by the GMS tenant, a new renovation strategy and concept was required.


To stabilize this mall as a local community center, we executed a renewal plan, design and construction work. As a result, we have successfully inaugurated 10 new retailers, such as a high-end grocery store, a pharmacy shop and a major sports shop, so that local customers can enjoy a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment more than ever.


GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd. provides excellent real estate services to satisfy clients’ needs by cooperating with local players.



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Hello Green Every

Hello Green Every

Sun Drug

Himaraya Sports

The Daiso

Fashion Plaza UTO

Shoes Plaza M’s


Interior View

Interior View