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Masayasu Hara
General Manager, Kyushu Business Division

Before Joining GCM

My major was architecture as an undergraduate at university and environmental engineering at graduate school. I first worked at a real estate development firm after graduating and then became involved in real estate advisory services.

One reason I changed jobs and joined GENKAI Capital Management is because the company focuses not only on fund management but also asset management and real estate advisory services, which would make it possible for me to further polish my real estate–related skills.

Another major factor in my decision to join the company was that I am from Fukuoka and wanted to take on the challenge of promoting investment in the area to revitalize the local economy.



My Mission

I work in the Kyushu Business Division, and mainly manage retail properties.
As for actual operations, I propose, implement, and evaluate business plans for each property. For example, for leasing projects, I am involved in all the various operations, from proposing a strategy to selecting players, managing the schedule, and ascertaining the impact of various matters on the business plan.
It is my opinion that when it comes to asset management, it is important to (1) comprehensively ascertain risks and (2) ensure that major risks do not materialize. Uncovering and sharing risks and holding advanced discussions on how to respond to risks that materialize make it possible to handle developments in a manner that does not place a substantial burden on related parties. In these situations, clients are often appreciative, which bolsters my motivation to improve my own skills.

In provincial areas where people are not familiar with securitization, it is sometimes difficult to get people to understand the asset management operations that we are involved in. There are often situations when property managers will ask why doing this is important or why a particular type of information is necessary and debate the matter.
I find a lot of meaning in my work in that I get partners, who are jointly involved in managing real estate, to understand new value and acquire new skills that they can put to further use.



My Passion

I would also like to plan and create real-estate funds that contribute to the revitalization of local areas.
Securitized real estate outside the three major metropolitan areas centered on Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka accounts for only about 20% of all securitized real estate.
I think that one of the roles of GENKAI Capital Management is to properly evaluate the potential of real estate in both Tokyo and provincial cities and to provide this information to investors and lenders.

Furthermore, GENKAI Capital Management, which possesses extensive knowledge and a broad network in the fields of real estate and finance, can create businesses with greater value by providing specialized support to business companies.
I would like to actively search for cooperative business opportunities with local companies that make substantial contributions to the local community.

2014.11.4 update