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Our Strength

The necessity of a raison d’être

In Japan, business in real estate securitization and investment consulting has a short history and has not yet reached maturity. There is much room for a rise in recognition of and trust in real estate funds in society as a whole. Observers have noted many issues, such as uncertainty about the identity of actual decision-makers, the large number of parties involved and the long time required to make decisions, inability to build continuing ties of trust because of staffing changes within a short period, and neglect of matters that are of substantial importance to the client in a merely formalistic discharge of accountability by investment consulting firms lacking a deep knowledge of real estate. Improvements must be made in all such respects. By the same token, firms involved in consulting for real estate funds and investment must constantly bear in mind the magnitude of the role they are expected to play.


In this business environment, our strength derives from our realization of the need for a raison d’être. Although independent firms involved in management of real estate investment like us are quite rare in Japan, this alone does not explain the worth of our existence. This is because, if we took the same approach to our jobs as other consulting firms in the same field, clients would have no reason to seek our services. Similarly, our employees did not choose to work for us in order to do the same jobs as at other such firms. For both our clients and our employees, we need a reason to be preferred. We have to continue working to exceed the expectations of our clients and heighten the motivation of our employees.


We have thus far repeatedly taken up numerous challenges that may be exemplified by revival of a big shopping mall after a GMS (General Merchandise store) withdrawal, replacement of an insolvent operator at a nursing home, handling of an office building redevelopment project, financial restructuring, and participation in a REIT renewal project. In projects of such sorts with a high degree of difficulty, we believe we have fully demonstrated our raison d’être through our hands-on style of promoting business through deep on-site engagement, determination of real information, and involvement of peripheral parties by employees in possession of the requisite expertise in real estate and financing. Nevertheless, we are not going to be content with our achievement to date; we are committed to continue taking up further challenges into the future. This is because we are convinced that the very demonstration of our reason for existence through practice of our corporate philosophy aimed at “Creating a new standard for real estate investment management” may be considered our key strength.