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The information contained in our website is designed for the purpose of providing information on GENKAI Capital Management(GCM), and we do not guarantee the content. The website is not designed to solicit investment.


1 GCM takes the utmost care with regard to the information on the website. We do not, however, take any responsibility for any reason whatsoever for any damages that may occur due to errors in the information provided, alteration of information by a third party or download of information, etc.
2 GCM reserves the right to alter or delete any website content without prior notice. There may also be times when the website may not operate properly due to your communication environment or conditions related to your computer. GCM takes no responsibility for any resultant trouble, loss, or damage.
3 Real estate securitization products and other financial products offered by GCM may be affected by fluctuations in trends in economic circumstances, real estate market prices, or in some other index, resulting in loss.
4 Fees, compensations, miscellaneous expenses, etc. for financial products and services provided by GCM will vary in respect to its contents.