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Privacy Policy

Based on the belief that protecting and managing of personal information handled in the course of its operations constitutes a social responsibility, GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd., (referred to below as “GCM”) has adopted the following privacy policy, committing itself to comply with relevant laws and regulations, spread awareness of its provisions among officers and employees, and work to ensure its thorough implementation.



1. Basic policy

GCM is committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations, handling personal information in an appropriate manner, and managing that information safely and reliably. We have adopted a series of internal privacy rules to augment this policy, and we are committed to implementing those regulations in an appropriate manner, conducting periodic audits and reviews, and improving them as necessary.



2. Appropriate acquisition, use, and disclosure of personal information

GCM acquires and manages personal information through fair and appropriate means. When obtaining personal information indirectly from a third party, we take steps to ensure that the information has not been obtained improperly and refuse to accept it otherwise. All provision and disclosure of personal information to third parties proceeds in accordance with legally mandated procedures.



3. Purposes for which personal information is used

GCM’s use of personal information is limited to the extent necessary to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Exercise of rights and fulfillment of responsibilities under applicable law
  2. Compilation of reports in accordance with applicable law
  3. Pursuit of fund management, asset management, and associated operations
  4. Pursuit of operations related to the activities described in 1 to 3 above
  5. Pursuit of public relations activities (provision of company information, invitations to events, distribution of questionnaires, etc.)
  6. Recruitment of employees
  7. Provision of personal information to third parties to the extent necessary to fulfill the objectives described in 1 to 6 above



4. Provision of personal information to third parties

GCM does not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual in question, except where allowed by applicable laws and regulations.



5. Outsourcing of operations entailing the handling of personal information

GCM may contract operations entailing the handling of personal information to outside parties. When doing so, we select contractors that have taken sufficient steps to protect the privacy of this information and strive to ensure a high standard of privacy by auditing their operations as necessary and appropriate.



6. Appropriate controls on personal information

GCM has put in place controls to ensure the privacy of the personal information in its possession, including necessary and appropriate measures to prevent accidents or violations such as improper access to information or its alteration, destruction, unauthorized disclosure, or loss.



7. Disclosure, revision, deletion, and cessation of use of personal information

GCM strives to the best of its ability to keep the personal information in its possession accurate and up to date. Upon request by the individual in question, we will disclose, revise, delete, or cease use of personal information to an appropriate extent within a reasonable period of time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, subject to the confirmation of the individual’s identity.



8. Revision of internal privacy rules

GCM reviews and revises this policy as well as associated privacy rules on an ongoing basis in order to improve its privacy system.



9. Contact for inquiries concerning personal information

Questions, complaints, and suggestions concerning personal information as well as requests for disclosure, revision, or cessation of use should be directed to the following office:


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